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An Invitation to Participate

You are invited to participate. Whether as an individual, a facilitator of groups or events, or organizational leader, our tool facilitates the creation of a gratitude invocation. It is free to use and is a great way to contribute to a global conversation and community of practice. 

To participate complete this simple survey in which we anonymously collect  your connections with the natural world.  



Through this simple survey you can anonymously share your connections with the natural world, and practices, with others from across the globe.

Once you are done, learn what others in your community are thinking, feeling and saying about their relationship with the natural world.

We can help offer questions for  facilitated discussion, curate responses and suggest speakers.

Contribute as a Community of Practice

Do you teach, host, or facilitate groups from as small as a dinner gathering to large conferences? Do  you want to engage your employees or broader community in a shared exercise? Our  survey allows you to aggregate individual responses from your group, which we then share with you.

Groups are discovering that this a powerful way to discuss and collectively explore their connections with the natural world.

Reach out for our generative questions to help engage your group. And feel free to share with us questions that have worked for you! 

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