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One Sacred Earth is an iterative project that began with a collective Gratitude Invocation. We seek to respond to a collective need. This is our way of saying we need your help and input if something isn't clear, is cumbersome or if you have ideas for improvements, or new tools. Below are some of the questions we've received. If you have solutions and/or further questions please get in touch. With Gratitude


How will the information be shared?

For now we are putting practice examples, really curated invocations of gratitude, on the Learning page. As more people participate, we will have more to share, including examples of how individuals tend their relationships with nature. Our hope is to also share many of these "learnings' in an e-newsletter or on social media as more individuals participate. Unless you are a group that has reached out to partner, we do not share the "raw data". This is because the information that is submitted, is often rough, with spelling errors, etc. And, because we made the assumption that individuals would not want us to share it, we made a commitment not to do so.

How do you curate the responses?

The specific mechanics of how we curate is simple. We manually edit for spelling and grammar and sometimes tweak submissions to help with a sense of flow. We also try to ensure that each gratitude explains a "why" as we believe this is at the heart of our interrelationship. We recognize that this approach is subjective and we provide this disclaimer on each practice example.

Why do ask for simple contact information and permissions in your gratitude practice questionnaire? Will this limit participation?

We ask for rudimentary contact information primarily as a means to know that there is a real person that we are in early relationship with. Moreover, we are curious as to whether there are geographic differences in practices, so a zip code is helpful. We only ask for name, email and zip code.  Moreover, we want to be transparent that we are simply curating and channeling collective wisdom and believe we should ask for permission to share what we collect. Bottom line, we never share contact information with anyone with their permission.

How will what I submit be made most useful for those that need it?

In short, we don't know. But there is an opportunity provided for those that share their practices with us, to give us your ideas. Let us know how we can help you, so we can help each other! Ultimately, everything you share is yours, we don't own it but you give us permission to share. Let's explore how we can work together!  

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