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Our Story

In an era of global extinctions there is a new found appreciation of humanity's inter-relationship with the natural world. This awakening is helping draw attention to the importance of these relationships and to the life-giving gifts they provide - air, awe, water, joy, food, and more - and to the interdependence of all life.

This unfolding awareness is an invitation into a sense of wholeness and unity with all life, or interbeing — the experience of oneness with the spirit, or life energy, of the universe. The Sacred. We can imagine interbeing as the continual unfolding and flow of the mystery of existence in which all life, humans and the more-than-human world, are immersed. It is the space between us.


Some describe this reconnecting as a necessary part of The Great Turning, the globe shift from an industrial growth to life sustaining society.   


 We work with the belief that all relationships need tending and care. We also believe that our ecological crisis is due, in large part, to the neglect of our life sustaining relationships with the more-than-human world, and the Sacred. We have lost focus, lost our way. Relationships require attention and skills that must be honed. Tending is a practice. And, without this focus we have lost many of the skills essential to keeping these relationships, and our connection to the Sacred, vibrant and enduring.

The idea for this project was born of hope and curiousity. Would it be possible to gather, elevate, share and honor that which sustains, and nourishes life? Would it be possible to rediscover, gather and share the skills and practices required to mend and tend these life-giving relationships and reconnect to the mystery? If so, could we help co-catalyze a collective, planetary cultural reprioritization for what is life sustaining and life giving. That, which we call the sacred.


We believe it is possible.


We acknowledge that what we seek to accomplish is not novel. In fact, it is ancient practice, used to this day in some cultures around the world. Ultimately, this project seeks to rebirth, give voice and normalize that sensing which we believe dwells deep, inside our collective DNA.


You are invited to join with us!

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