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Wisdom Trust

We invite individuals to share their personal connection with the natural world. And, we learn and share the skills and practices they use to keep these relationships vibrant and  strong.


As you will discover, across the planet there is a collective yet powerful connection to all life, and a widespread yet often hidden practice of gratitude and care. You are not alone.

Curious? Help us build the Wisdom Trust.

What gifts from the natural world, or relationships with the natural world nourish or sustain you? How do you tend and care for these relationships be it a physical gift, a secret note, words spoken or unspoken, or other? 

Listen to our audio files below, compilations of gratitude from across the globe.

We invite you to participate with others from across the globe through this short and simple online form.

Earth Day 2020 Gratitude

The One Sacred Earth Day 2020 Gratitude is an audio complication of earth gratitudes submitted from across the globe to the One Sacred Earth Project. The gratitudes were read by Rosie Loeffler-Kemp, Janet Howard, Naomi Sundog Yaeger-Bischoff, Jamie Harvie, Jesse Dykhuis and Quanita Roberson from locations across the United States.

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